Mr. Fear

I watched one of my favourite crime series tonight, Criminal Minds 10. Tonight episode was kinda unique because the unsub (killer) used a high level pyscological technique involving illution to make the victims killed someone else before comitting suicide. At the last scene, the unsub named Peter drugged detective Hotch and created an illution in his mind about what he scared most in his life which was the death of his friends in order to safe him. Peter created an illution in which there were two of him. One of them attacked the other detectives while another one killed Morgan. During the process, detective Hotch was half fainted. When detective Hotch woke up, Peter kept  telling him “I will be running through the door, you got to shoot me before I killed all your friends out there”. At the same time detective Hotch team were about breaking the door to save him. Peter gave detective Hotch a gun and played with his mind. “Shoot me, I am running to the door. Shoot me before I kill your friend” said Peter. Detective Hotch who got scared about the illution that Peter created took the gun and aimed it to door. Detective Hotch was ready to shoot the bullet when Morgan successfuly kicked the door. Twisting moment happened when detective Hotch turned back and shot the real Peter. At the end, Peter was arrested but before we got into police car he said something to detective Hotch, “I win the battle, I win your mind”. 
This story can be analogy of fear we feel in life. The fear that holds our step and stopping us from being a winner. Take a simple case, I used to attend morning report at the hospital as medical intern where a team got to present the case they managed during night shift. During the session sometimes our supervisor would give one or two questions related to the case. The question varied from the simplest to the most complicated one. It’s not once or twice when I know the answer but I was to affraid over the illution I had in my mind of being wrong. What if they laughed over my answer? Would I look so stupid? It wouldn’t cause me a detention right? At the end I just sit quietly. The moment that made me regret my decision was when our supervisor told the right answer and it was the one I almost gave, holy crap ! I believe I am not the only person who step back due to fear. The fear of being wrong. Let’s think that the fear we are feeling right now is Peter. Peter created illution of what we scare most in life and so did fear. The fear makes us thinking about the bad things may happen if we take or not taking a step. Just like how Peter made detective Hotch believed that shot the bullet was the best decision. But detective Hotch won over Peter because he knows it was an illution. By understanding that illution is not something happening then we can thing more clearly what is right or bad. If we can face the fear just like Detective Hotch faced Peter than imagine what great opportunities will come to us. Recently I got an offer to work in a place I knew would pay me a lot but I was worried over things that might go wrong if I took it. At the end I rejected it. Now after watching and thinking I regreted my decision. From now on friends, don’t let the fear takes control over you. Don’t let Mr. Fear wins over your mind...


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