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The pain is there

Since I was a kid I have been involved in communication problem. I don't know how or why but most people around me will think that I'm an ill -mannered arrogant bastard. It was always hard for me to make friends. I got bullied when I was kindergarten.a boy at my class always bullied my for my pocket money. those time I never have any gut to stand for my self. somehow I started to pull my self out of the crowd. As I started my second year at elementry school I did good at school. I was always in top three. I enjoyed it a lot when people praised me, saying I'm smart and many others sweet to be heard things. since then, I only had studying, studying, and studying. for me, studying and being smart, standing on the top of competition were the only way to get people attention. I preffered staying at home and studied hard rather than playing with my friend. As long as I could be the best among others than I didn't need any friend at all. People would know me eventough I neve…