It’s been quite long time I write nothing in this blog. I’m stationed in a Public Health Department right now. It’s one of five major departments in my medical faculty. Since it’s major , it takes 10 weeks to be finished. Working at Public Health Center or commonly known as  PUSKESMAS (PUSAT KESEHATAN MASYARAKAT) is something  which gives me a lot of  new experience and visions. Here, I’m working with other  six doctors  and about 50 staffs. For most health worker, working as PUSKESMAS doctor  is the easiest thing you can do after graduating for medical school. But is it really true? I personally say NO. Maybe as clinician working at hospital, all you have to do is giving diagnosis and treating the patients as individual unit. In case you are a specialist, sometimes you need to perform surgery whether it’s scheduled of accidental one. But here, at PUSKESMAS a doctor are asked to be able to do anything. These doctors must be able to treat the patients, working on those scheduled  programme, making a lot of  reports, and even solving the organisation problem.
Something that other clinicians maybe envy of PUSKESMAS doctors is the fact they get home earlier than the ones work at big hospital but of course a doctor also has more than one place to work in. Since 2014, Indonesia applied national health insurance, public health  center is the primary care center which play important role in JKN (Jaminan Kesehatan National/ National health insurance). The PUSKESMAS doctors are the one who judge whether someone need to be reffered to a bigger health center or now. Wrong diagnosis, wrong step, will mean a lot. There are also 144 diagnosis that MUST BE finished at primary health center, NO MISTAKES IS ALLOWED. See, working as PUSKESMAS doctors also has it’s own difficulty. In some occasions, a patient who don’t really understand mechanism of JKN  persistantly forcing his will to get a refferal letter so that they can go to a bigger health facility for free. This patient doesn’t understand that their illness is one of the 144 diagnosis. This is one of the most annoying problem ever.
Okay, actually there are many other things that a PUSKESMAS doctor has to face. Since I never officially work as PUSKESMAS doctor, I mean I’m still a co-assistant, then maybe there are many other complicated things they have to solve.  So,that’s all I can write for now, see you. Anyway, I’m gonna have my last station at the end of this year, it’s SURGERY DEPT. Everybody. Wish me luck,okay. Next year I’m officially a doctor, a big YEAHHHHHHHHH....


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