This is a story of mine and a pear. I live alone in a boarding house since my parents live in a town which is about 6 hours away from Banjarmasin. Being thinkful parents they are, they provide with complete facilities in my room including refrigerator. One day, they visited me and bringing some fruits. I love pear so much so they brought me some. I did eat those fruits a lot since I was in a diet programme, till I only left a pear. I put it in my refrigerator for couple weeks thinking that it’s gonna be fine and I could eat it when I wanted to. So, after hours of lecture at campus, I came back to my room with beautiful image in my head. I planned to watch some TV programme while enjoying slices of cold and refreshing pear. I always remembered that I left one. When I tried to peel and cut it I was faced to an annoying reality, my pear turned into an ice block. It wasn’t edible anymore. At that moment I realized, I have lost it because my false belief.
Well, I spent few minutes after that doing a self-reflection and trying to find any moral value behind my frozen pear. Finally, I came to a conclusion for never being late because late could lead me to a regret.
I was so sure that my pear was gonna be fine. I neglect the fact that it has it limit in preserving itself. I ignore it for such a long time and starting to care when I need it. At the end all I get is again, a regret.
Let’s think about it, this story sometimes apply in our daily life. If it happened between me and an unlucky pear, in real life it maybe happened between two people even more. Sometimes, when we have someone precious, someone we love so much just like I love pear, we become too confindent that everything is gonna be alright. Then we start to forget this precious person, thinking that he or she will be fine, having a dumb idea inside our brain that she will be always there when in case something happen to us. Trust me, it occurs a lot in any kind of relationship.
 A kid sometimes is too busy with her or his own business till he or she forgets about his/her parents, even he/she never send a simple message asking about her/his parents condition, whether they are fine, health, sick, or missing anything. All in her/his mind is his/her parents are healthy and having peaceful time at home. What if something happens, what if one day he/she comes back to home with tired body after such a stressful day, hoping she/he can share her/his burden to her/his parents in a warm conversation, but a sad news she/he finds at home is that her/his parents are sent to hospital or even worse they’re no longer alive. We are born as human, a creature who will never know what is in future. As time moves forward we are never ever able to turn it backward.
This also my happen in love affair. I’m gonna tell you a story about a boy and a girl. They were best friends. They share their mind, story, and hope each other. Their relationship then turned into something more special. This girl started to like this boy as a man not only as friend. She put all her effort to show this boy her feeling. This boy wasn’t stupid at all, he knew what’s going on inside this girl’s heart. One day, he told the girl that he wasn’t ready for a new step in their relationship. He wasn’t confident at all. He was drown in his own paranoid mind without knowing he also felt similar thing toward the girl. He indirectly told the girl to wait for him a little bit longer. As a girl, she couldn’t do anything. Days changed and they looked just fine. The boy was getting busier day by day. He wasn’t pay too much attention toward the girl. He held a confident feeling inside his heart that the girl would wait for him till he came and saying he loved her. But, he made a big mistake by keeping that idea. Once he thought he was ready for being more than friends he came to the girl. This time, unfortunate fate showing a hurtful fact in front of his eyes. Even before he confessed to the girl, she took an early step. A step that broke his heart into pieces when the girl said thank you so much for his wise advice to wait a little bit longer so she could manage herself into a better person so that she could find her other-half. This girl happily said she was in relationship with another boy. The one who accompanied her when the boy was too busy to listen to her. The boy was broken hearted. He couldn’t accept this fact that he was too late. All he got was a regret. If I found a frozen pear when I got back to my refrigerator then this boy found a frozen heart for him when he got back to this girl. We may think as long as we keep something or someone we love then we can have it forever. Yeah, we can but sometimes it’s gonna be so hurtful because we can’t prevent the fact that our precious thing or person will be the one that change. As time goes by, people change !
Never abonden anything or anyone you love. I am not saying that you have to be brave to take immidiate action without thinking first. I’m telling you and also my self to take fast and wise action. Chance will never come twice easily. Don’t let your too much consideration plus paranoid mind take the role. We are born with something special, a heart that developes an instinct. Listen to your heart and thinking with your mind then you will be ready to take decision. Do it now not later to kill something called regret even before it formed. 


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