Hi, in this entry I want to try something new. From now on, I’m going to write my entry in English. I think I want to share my mind not only to people in Indonesia but also people all over the world. I know my english is sucks but for me, language is a tool to deliver our idea. I don’t really care if someone will find many mistakes about my grammar, vocabulary, or spelling. At least, they read this, right?
Ok, I’m going to talk about the way I and my family show our love to each other, love between my parents to be exact. Why family? Because the first thing comes to my mind about love is family. I haven’t found Mr. Right to tell about, hehehe...
Few days ago people celebrated Valentine day, the day when they give the beloved ones some presents or chocolate in order to say “I Love you”. For 21 years of my life I never celebrate real Valentine like most people do. I never give my sisters some chocolate or dolls.
Everyone have their own way to express love. Love is more then word, I agree with this one. I learn from the best who are my parents. My dad and mother got married 23 years ago. My dad was 24 years old when he asked my 17 years old mother’s hands into marriage.They built everything from zero. No financial support, no house, no investation to start with. All they had were love and faith (both of them worked in a small factory before). I always appreciate their braveness in taking such crucial decision in their life. It’s funny when sometimes they tease me about being single in my age which is older then my mom when they got married.
My dad isn’t a romantic man. He never call my mom “honey”, “baby”, or “sweetheart”. He calls her “bu” (means “mom” in english). This word shows how my dad always be thankful to my mom for being a great wife and a wonderful mother for his children. He said he couldn’t imagine how his life would be without the village girl he married (this village girl was my mom). I find it’s so fascinating to see how my dad always try to show his romantic side by small to meaningful action started by the way he call her “bu”. My mom also does the same thing, she calls dad “ayah” (means “dad” in english). The point of this pet names thing is we have to show how thankful we are to have people we love as often as possible. Those cheesy names I often heard between those “they think they’re cute” couples are nothing when they can’t give and explain the real meaning behind it.
My dad never directly say “I will be there for you” to my mom, but I can guarantee he’s always beside my mom when she needs him. My dad will be the first person who wakes up in the middle of night when mom gets asthma attacks. He will be the last who gets back to sleep after making sure my mom is fine. He will silently hold mom’s hand when we have family bounding time together (when he thinks no one see, hehehe). He will secure mom’s head on his shoulder when mom asleeps in car (sometimes they take travel car). On valentine day few days ago, when most men gave flowers to their lover, Dad didn’t do it. He helped mom in her flower garden instead. He didn’t let mom touch the dirty, digusting, smell bad goat’s poop which they use as natural fertilizer. I gave my comment about it and mom laughed while saying “I hope you will find someone like him as your husband in future.” . Mom, I’m not sure I’ll find someone like our dad. Someone who would do anything for his family. Someone who works day and night under those heavy equipments, dirtying his hands, even forgetting luch time just to make sure he can send his children to the best school.
Dad always depends on Mom when it comes to his personal stuffs. I just can’t stop admiring my mom’s patience about it. As they grow older, Dad often forget even important things from his spectacles to his wallet, but mom is always there to make sure he finds it back. It seems like my father has speed dial name set in his brain when he needs to find something ASAP which is Mom. Mom isn’t like most of women who try to please their husband by their look, but she’s the best chief I ever meet. Dad doesn’t care if mom doesn’t put thick make up on her face (like my next door neighbour does) as long as he can taste my mom’s delicious foods. So, love isn’t about looks, performance, make up, or body. It’s about how smart you are to make your lover keep loving you.  It’s also about how you treat him or her. You know? I got an experience when a boy asked me why I like him? He said we wasn’t attractive at all. He thought he wasn’t handsome or good looking at least. I really wanted to tell him that they way he treated me, the way he talked to me, his personality, and I know it’s gonna be a little cheesy but his smile were the answers of his quoestion (I hope won’t read this entry though).
Actually I have many stories about my parents. How strict they are when it comes to education. How understanding they are when it comes to their daughters’ heart. They will say “yes” to something they dislike just to make their children happy. Well, since I dedicate this entry to my parents’ never ending love, I think this is all I can write. I hope my parent will have their happy ending story. I also hope I can find right person to spend the rest my life in happy life just like my dad found my mom, and so did my mom found my dad. Love is happiness everyone can feel, no matter who, no matter how...


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